Billy Hopkins

My names Billy Hopkins and I've been riding Rocky Mc Kinnon Surfboards for about 3 years.  I've won a couple contests and placed in the NSSA Interscholastic final for Middle and High School Longboarding.  His surfboards not only work as great nose riders, but you can really get on the rail and pull off helicopters.  These boards work great in flat spots of the wave to gain speed, and seem to always pull through when your in critical positions.  If you want the most high performance longboard there is, I recommend Mc Kinnon surfboards for your next surfing experience.

Matt Carr (Huntington Beach, CA)

Before I had Rocky shape my current board, I was riding a 9í4Ē shaped by a local shaper here in Huntington Beach.  The thing was a beast.  I surfed with Rocky a few times and he suggested I let him shape me a new board.  I was totally game. 

The great thing about Rocky is he cares about what he shapes.  He watched me surf a bunch of times with my old board and made notes of what I should have in my new board.  He even had me swing by the shaping bay to check out the progress of my board and get ideas of where I wanted to take my surfing, something I have never been able to do with any of shaper. 

Every time I would see Rocky in the water he was so excited about the board he was shaping me.  Saying ďOh man you are going to love this board, it is going to take your surfing to the next levelĒ.  I have heard this from other shapers before so I pretty much chalked it up to the normal things people sayÖI could not have been more wrong.   

When I received my board, which only took 5 weeks to make, (unbelievable fast) I was blown away.  I could not have asked for a better board.  It is fast, maneuverable, paddle insanely well, and basically the BEST board I have ever had.  I have had the best waves of my life on this board, and it made me a more confident surfer.   

It is just one of those magical boards!  I can not say enough good things about Rocky and his shapes.  I have found my shaper for ALL my boards. 

Mark Weiss

My name is Mark Weiss I have been surfing for 48 years. I live and surf in Huntington Beach, Ca. My home break is Huntington Beach Pier. I took an early retirement from L.A. County Fire Dept, so that I could surf everyday. So that is what I do for a living now.
Before I had Rocky shape my current board, I was riding a 9í6Ē single fin shaped by a local shaper here in Huntington Beach. The thing was a beast. I surfed with Rocky a few times and he suggested I let him
shape me a new board. A tri fin 9'0' high performance. Being a nose rider such as I am, I knew that it would be a big change, but I was totally game.

The great thing about Rocky is he cares about what he shapes. He watched me surf a bunch of times with my old board and made notes of what I should have in my new board. Since switching over to Mckinnon Shapes and Designs, my surfing has improved drastically. I found
out that there is more do than hanging 5 and 10! Since late 2004, I have had Rocky shape me 11 surfboards, all 9'0' high performance. I found my shaper.  Thank you Rocky. Mark Weiss Huntington Beach, California

Mark Edinger

The first board I had Rocky shape for me was the AGGRESSOR .  Being  6í7Ē, 300 lbs. boards off the rack just donít work for me. They either donít float me, or are too big and donít turn how I need them to. This board works great for bigger, faster waves, and it still paddles really well. It does exactly what I want it to, and gets me to parts of the wave that other boards wouldnít. I know that if I donít pull a move, itís my own fault, and I canít blame it on the board! This board has taken my surfing to a new level with its maneuverability.

Since that board worked so well, I had Rocky shape me a board for the smaller days, the SOUL REBEL. It has brought back a style of my surfing that I had forgotten all about. I grew up surfing a point break in Northern California where it was all about nose riding. Over the last 8 years I have been primarily surfing the beach breaks of Southern California, and my style has shifted more towards the tail. Now with the SOUL REBEL, I find myself setting up for a nose ride rather than racing through the section to do a cutback. The nose is very inviting, and the board just sticks in the pocket when Iím up there. Yet, itís still maneuverable enough that I can surf it from the tail and pull drawn out roundhouses, and down the line floaters.

Iíve talked to Rocky several times about how much I love these boards and itís awesome to see he is as stoked as I am about them. He really does care about how the boards turn out. He puts in the time and effort to get you a board that is going to work, for YOU! I am always telling my friends and people in the water that they should have Rocky shape them a board, and you should too!



Todd Schroeder

My name is Todd Schroeder, Iím 40 years old been surfing for 27 years.  Iíve been in the military for the last 23 years and have surfed all over from South Beach in Miami to Virginia Beach, San Diego with a ton of spots all the way up to North Beach in San Francisco, to Spain and Portugal, to Costa Rica and Japan and Ascension Island.  Then 8 years ago I moved to Oahu.  That is when my surf buddy here talked me into picking up my first longboard, a great 9í6Ē shaped by Randy Sleigh.  That board was the beginning of the best part of my surfing life.  Soon after Rocky and I were talking about a board which became the first of many boards that Rocky has shaped for me.  

I am a firm believer in handshaped surfboards, with solid shaper surfer interaction so they can provide the best board for you, the way you surf and the waves you will most likely ride that board on.  Iíve owned boards bought off the rack and Iíve had boards shaped for me.  I have owned a Surftech epoxy and ridden friendís different models.  Most recently Rocky shaped two EPS boards for me.  I can testify to the difference handshaped boards have made in my surfing and Iíve seen when and where the most dramatic improvements came.  Iíve been surfing for 27 years, most of them I have to say I probably wasnít very good.  There has been an amazing change and it all started when I scored my first board from Rocky.

 Being a bigger guy 5í11Ē and weighing 210, having the right board makes a world of difference.  Most shapers in my opinion DO NOT make proper boards for big guys, I think there are two reasons for the disconnect.  First most of them arenít big, so they canít relate.  Second I think most of them besides Ben Aipa will not go outside certain dimensional limits, that could be due to their templates or just the general thoughts of what works for the masses and anything outside that probably wonít.  I think that has hurt my surfing for years.

 Rocky has been willing to work outside of the box to help me to get where I am and I am forever grateful.  Surfing is not a sport for me it never has been itís a huge part of my life and who I am.  I have always had fun even if I wasnít that good and the surf wasnít either.  But now being able to go out in much more challenging surf and pushing the limits of my surfing with a much more fluid style and being able to pull off much more aggressive maneuvers in critical sections is making my dreams come true and then some.   

As far as polyester foam boards that I have from Rocky right now.  I have a 9í0ĒX21 1/2X3 ĺ winged pintail with two plus one set up.  It is my all around boards but that pintail loves big steep surf and it has the perfect rocker to make the drops and still drive down the line.  The wing gives it the added release on the turns to really feel rippable for a big thick board.  I also have a 10í4ĒX24X3 ĹĒ summer time south shore killer. This board has a big round nose that begs to be stood on in critical sections.  He knows me so he made it with enough rocker in the nose and tail to be ridden in big surf.  Itís been taken out in 6í Hawaiian north and south shore and it makes for a very soulful but progressive ride.   

I have some problems with sandwich epoxy boards (Surftech and the like).  I think the rails donít work well at all.  I see some people using them effectively but I donít like the fact that they donít really drive like handshaped rails do.  I donít like the flex pattern at all.  So for me it was an 850 dollar waste of time.  I was an ďEpoxy HaterĒ.   

Then Rocky talked me into trying EPS, it has a stringer, it is constructed the same way the polyester boards are except the foam is epoxy and so is the glass.  Rocky shaped me a progressive longboard, 9í2Ē X23ĒX2 7/8Ē, which is hyper thin for me.  The bonuses are the EPS is super buoyant so going thinner without loosing flotation was possible, which gives me a board that is far more rippable than any Iíve owned.  Also the EPS is I would say at least 1/3rd lighter than the polyester another plus.  The rails are hand shaped and react like good handshaped rails react, the bottom has just enough ďVĒ to make a difference and the flex pattern in my opinion is crisp giving the board noticeably greater drive off the turns. 

He also shaped me a real big guy fish.  Itís 7í8ĒX23ĒX3Ē with 17Ē nose and tail.  It is a quad with nice flat rocker through the center of the board and enough rocker in the nose to get me into steep waves.  This board is the catalyst for a quantum leap in my surfing.  Once I figured out how to get the board on itís flat spot and do smaller rail to rail compressions it is a rocket blazing down the line.  Iíve found that with the quad it still holds when I bury the rail on a steep bottom turn on juicy north shore surf and it will also break loose just enough to add that last dimensions to a roundhouse.  I can launch the board off big sections no problem and now Iím starting to get air (not big as of yet) but Iím getting the board off the wave and landing it functionally adding what I am able to do in given conditions. 

Rocky is at the leading edge of what is possible in Longboard and Shortboard shaping.  I am a prime example that an ordinary person with the right equipment can do extraordinary things.  Give Rocky a shot at being a part of the evolution of your surfing, you wonít be sorry.  You might be kicking yourself in the ass for not doing it sooner.

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